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some of the loving feedback we received:

The interviews have just jazzed me up! It is almost unbelievable how good this series has been!! I have loved each and every guest and am working through their wonderful gifts. There has been so much enthusiasm, energy, originality and creativity, and I have learned so much from these wonderful women.
Thank you Joyce and everyone else for bringing light and hope and humor into a world that needs it.
Ayn Cates Sullivan
You gathered a great bunch of courageous inspiring and wise and multi talented women from all over the globe. Thank you so much for the all of you summit. It was inspiring and empowering and so needed especially in this chaotic times.
What an amazing value, and who wouldn't want joy ! Thank you so much Joyce, I've had so many people accessing my free course!
Nicola Fernandes
I’ve heard so many lovely comments from people who joined!!! Thanks Joyce!
Sarah Seidelmann
I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I have gotten something out of each interview! Thank you again Joyce for this wonderful program!
Lots of listeners, such great conversations! I had so many people sign up for my free course, Thank you!
Paulette Rees-Denis
Absolutely loved every second of this show. So inspiring and has really helped me with my healing and compassion for self. I feel privileged to have had this information

↓ And here are the amazing magical, multi-passionate, creative women you will meet in the ALL of YOU show! ↓

Anne Bérubé - HayHouse Author - Spiritual Teacher
Paulette Rees-Denis: Creativity Business Coach
Jennifer Ackad - Embodiment Transformation Coach
Nicola Fernandes - Self Love Coach and Master Shaman
Kiala Givehand - Happiness Catalyst
Shelley Klammer - Expressive Arts Educator
Imelda Almqvist - Teacher of the Sacred Arts
Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy - Somatic Awakening® Founder
Sarah Negus - the Modern Day Shaman®
Ariann Thomas - International Author - Healer
Ayn Cates Sullivan - Best selling Author/Publisher
Sarah Seidelmann - Woman of Medicine - Author
Susan Jenkins - Shamanic Practitioner
Julie Hoyle - Transformation Healing Coach
Loveleen Saxena: Artist - Spiritual entrepreneur
Yana Fay Dzedze - Changemaker - Emotional clearing practitioner
Tara Preston: Feminine Prosperity Leader
Luanne Mareen - Goddess on Purpose
Tina Klonaris-Robinson: Intuitive artist, Author + Speaker
Minette Riordan - Modern Day Renaissance Woman
Halli Bourne - Body, Mind and Soul - LifeCoach
Monicka Clio Sakki - Self Magic Mentor
Deborah Epstein - Visionary Artist and Bodyworker

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