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Here are some of the amazing speakers for the upcoming September 2019 show

Lou Reed - Artistpreneur of Life
Toni Black - Mind|Body Coach + JOY muse
Kelly Carlin - *Thinker*Writer* *Talker*Doodler*
Dr.Alison J. Kay - Energy Healer + Holistic Life Coach
Kate - the*Daily*Tarot*Girl
Anna Milne - the Coach for Moms
Anna Gatmon - Visionary Educator Spiritual Innovator
Monicka Clio Sakki - Creative Director + Self Magic Woman
Tara Preston - Prosperity+Authentic Leadership Mentor
Katja Hunter - Creativity+Life Coach
Terrie Marie - the Angel Lady
Shivany Gonell - Midwife to the Soul
Leah Steele - the Wealth Witch
Jan Engels-Smith - Master of Transformation
Jillian Rothschild-Scholar - Feng Shui Consultant
Lauren Wallett - Lifestyle Business Coach
Kricket Harrison - Performance expert
Galia Alena - Mystic+Visual Poet
Deborah C. Procter - Multi Media Artist
Nikki Gangemi - Transformational Coach
Gorana Angert - Film|maker + Business Strategist
Phoenix Rising Star - Transformational Leader
Suzette Winona Summers - Heart Opening Soul Awakener
  • Anna Gatmon
  • Anna Milne
  • Deborah Claire Procter
  • Dr. Alison J. Kay
  • Galia Alena
  • Gorana Angert
  • Jan Engels-Smith
  • Jillian Rotschild-Scholar
  • Kate the Daily Tarot Girl
  • Katja Hunter
  • Kelly Carlin
  • Kricket Harrison
  • Lauren Wallett
  • Leah Steele
  • Lou Reed
  • Monicka Clio Sakki
  • Nikki Gangemi
  • Phoenix Rising Star
  • Shivany Gonell
  • Suzette Winona Summers
  • Tara Preston
  • Terri Marie the Angel Lady
  • Toni Black

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