-Manage your Mindset-

First you want to get comfortable and perhaps get a drink ready or so.

Also give yourself some time to be undisturbed. Allow yourself to be just you with your thoughts and your creative flow.

There is a PDF with written instructions as well as a template you can download and print off.
and then start by connecting to the paper, opening the door between mind and paper. Write down opposites.

 Make a list for the Yin and for the Yang, for the Dark and for the Light.

Flip your thoughts from dark to light. Open up and let the creative muse assist you

Imagine it like a dance from shadows into the rays of the sun, swaying backwards and forwards.

Click picture for full project worksheet PDF download
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I love music and songs with meaningful lyrics to loose myself in while I create. I like to find matches between creations of different disciplines. Music, Movement, Art and words. This is the multi layered experience that I feel connected with as a multi layered person.

Are you ready to try this out? or perhaps already feel this way too? I'll share with you a song that for me fits this exercise well. Maybe you know it already ? it's at the bottom of this page. See how this feels for you. It is called “I am Light” by India Arie.

Feel her, let your thoughts Flow ! Feel the Light, Find the force within yourself.

Of course you can always schedule a call with me to discuss what blocks have popped up for you, what strategies you can use to deal with these and how to make a plan to go forward

disclosure: This exercise can provide relief and healing aspects in many areas. Making art and creative exercises have that therapeutic capacity, which is why it is such a great daily habit to have. This should not be considered a substitute for medical or psychological evaluation or treatment, it is not art therapy. If you experience mental health challenges, please seek advice from a mental health professional in your area.