Expanding through Creative Expression


About Deborah

Deborah Epstein, LMT is the founder and CEO of Oasis Healing Arts, LLC. She is a visionary artist, shamanic practitioner and Myofascial Release Therapist.
She has studied and practices the art of Myofascial Release, founded by John F. Barnes, PT. After some time as an instructor for Myofascial Release Seminars, Deborah was invited to work at Therapy on The Rocks, one of John Barnes’ two clinics in the country. Deborah sold her private practice in Massachusetts and moved to Sedona, AZ.

After working at TOR for three years, she followed her dream: to blend Artistic expression, shamanic ceremony and Myofascial Release, and founded Oasis
Deborah currently offers private 1:1 healing experiences in Sedona, AZ, on-line 1:1, private and group mentoring and in person 1:1 healing programs using creative expression, shamanic journey work and Embodywork (a blending of body conscious and body centered healing modalities).

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Deborah and I talked about connections and how we are all linked.
What you hear come up during our conversation are:

  • How her inner vision had always been her red thread.
  • What it took for her to combine three pieces together in her work.
  • The struggles of being productive as an artist
  • and where that took her ultimately.
  • Play along with the activity Deborah guides us through, you'll love this!

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