Utilizing the Power of Love to Stabilize the Chaos

Melissa Sophia Joy

About Melissa

Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is a Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of Somatic Awakening®, and Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling.
She is also a Wisdom Teacher, Oracle, Mystic in the Magdalene-Sophia Lineage, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive.
She has been in practice as a naturopathic doctor for over twenty years.
But, most significantly she is a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing that resides there. She discovered this path inside by walking through her own profound healing and awakening over decades. She sees this light of the divine within us all. In her practice and teaching, she helps her patients and students heal and evolve as they remember this light within and shift from dis-ease to well-being, balance, self-love, and peace.

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In this inspiring coneversation, Melissa and I discuss the diferent layers of her work and our personal being.
You'll find out about:

  • What Somatic Awakening is
  • When she received the invitation to do her work through a vision in a dream
  • Why grouding is such an important thing to start with in times of pressure
  • How she uses different healing aspects for different layers on the journey to the higher self
  • What you can do to find out what kind of healer you are (or could be)

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