When you're looking for love, but you don't love yourself


About Halli

Halli helps women (40s and older) who are struggling to move forward after a breakup — either a recent one or one from the past. She shows her clients how to transform fear and anxiety into self-love and personal power. She believes true happiness comes from creating internal spaciousness, self-compassion, and relaxation. Halli is a certified life coach, senior level yoga & meditation teacher, and has been practicing and teaching for the past 25 years.
In 1992, she had a near-fatal accident and an out-of-body experience she is still unpacking.

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During this interview Bree and I talk about:

  • How the accident guided her towards the Body, Mind Soul work.
  • How she approaches this work.
  • The benefits (and miracles) she got herself from doing Bodiwork
  • The different ways she works with her clients and
  • Halli takes us also through a lovely guided meditation (at around 15 min. into the interview)

Halli's FREE gift:

  1. A special invitation to join her Private group “Spiritual Warriors Among Women”
  2.  Five Minutes To Calm – email Halli for a consult : halli@hallibourne.com