Shaman, Healer, Painter and a Pregnant Hag

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About Imelda

Imelda Almqvist is an international teacher of Sacred Art and Seidr/Old Norse Traditions (the ancestral wisdom teachings of Northern Europe).

She has published three books:

  • Natural Born Shamans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life
    (Using shamanism creatively with young people of all ages) in 2016,
  • Sacred Art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit (Where Art Meets Shamanism) in 2019 and
  • Medicine of the Imagination – Dwelling in possibility (an impassioned plea for fearless imagination) in 2020.

She has presented her work on both The Shift Network and Sounds True. She appears in a TV program, titled Ice Age Shaman, made for the Smithsonian Museum, in the series Mystic Britain, talking about Neolithic arctic deer shamanism. She is currently working on her fourth book, about the pre-Christian spirituality of The Netherlands and Low Countries.

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TWITTER: @ImeldaAlmqvist


This is pretty special! Imelda is a fellow Dutchie, sharing her time between Sweden and the UK. She has such a wealth of knowledge and information on the Sacred Arts, I know you'll be impressed by what she shared in this interview.
Here are some of the topics to look out for in our talk:

  • The start of her spiritual work as a little girl.
  • How she received a push from spirit to write her third book: Medicine of the Imagination – Dwelling in possibility
  • Why it is crucial at this moment to carefully observe our thoughts.
  • The Shadow work that pops up for each of us and how she deals with this herself.The Pregnant Hag (her new place for teachings) born from our current collective experience in the world.


Imelda's FREE gift:

THE PEOPLE OF ONE FIRE – July 2020 Art Video by Imelda Almqvist about the Släbro Petroglyphs in Sweden