Nurturing Connection through Authentic Embodiment

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About Jennifer

Certified transformation coach, yoga therapist and Life seeker, Jennifer Ackad transitioned from a career of mechanical engineering to following her calling. She is passionate by everything that touches the human being and its potential, by body consciousness and awareness, and by everything that allows each one of us to express our intrinsic natural colors all the while giving back to others.

Jennifer’s mentoring programs are intimate containers where women rebirth into a life of more power, authenticity & alignment. She teaches women how to create space in their body and in their lives in order to reconnect with the wisdom and the answers they hold inside, including their natural gifts and essence. She deeply believes that when women reconnect to their intrinsic value, feeling safe to rest in their innate sacred power, they experience life in a much more profound and creative way, all the while empowering others.

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In this conversation, Jennifer and I explore the layers of connections. Through her Embodiment work, with ourselves, with others, in real life and virtually/on-line. Listen for things like:

  • Why she started this deeper inner work.
  • What connection you can make with yourself and how.
  • How connecting with ourselves brings us inner calm.
  • What changes she made in her work since the pandemic started.
  • What different layers of connections we found during this talk.

Jennifer's FREE gift: 7 Inner Safety Practice