An Awakened Life


About Julie

Hi there! I am a transformation coach, author, artist and educator. I offer spiritual, intuitive and healing modalities via my website: I work with creative, healthcare, and educational leaders and anyone looking for positive, lasting change. What underpins my success is having had a radical spiritual awakening in 1989 (which is detailed in, ‘An Awakened Life-A Journey of Transformation.') I am also a feature writer for Mind-Body-Spirit platforms and magazines, including Tiny Buddha, Mind-Body-Green, All-Things-Healing, Light of Consciousness and Kindred Spirit.

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Purely by chance, since she wasn't looking, Julie had a radical awakening and discovered her spiritual powers through a lucid dream. She shares with us about her experiences:

  • When her spiritual gifts started surfacing.
  • What came before her lucid dream appeared and
  • How this changed her life completely.
  • What she does to keep happiness in her daily life.
  • Oh, and how to make a dentist visit fun!

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