Mindfulness in Uncertain Times

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About Kiala

Kiala Givehand is a storyteller, bookbinder, and LifeAlchemist™ who guides women to and through creative & spiritual awakenings. She combines creativity with intuition, ancient guidance systems, and intentional self-study as a way to radically cultivate happiness. Her deepest desire is to help women step into their greatness by helping them uncover (and write, draw, or paint) their unique story. Through her online programs, workshops, and masterclasses, Kiala provides a safe space for women to explore and discover their dreams. She is a Dreamweaver, a fountain pen collector, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, an Intuitive Guide, and the creator of inspirational decks, books, and retreats. You can connect more fully with Kiala in one of online classes or on Instagram (@kialagives).

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Kiala is a very dear and highly creative friend, who is back on the show to share more of her wonderful wisdom.
What can I say, I always love connecting with Kiala!
In this open hearted talk, she shares about:

  • What her title “Life Alchemist” means for her.
  • Why it is important to connect and understand yourself on different levels.
  • Her personal go-to tools for calming down and staying grounded.
  • How this year has underlined the importance of pursuing more happiness
  • Where you find your Gold (hint: not all Gold shines the same)

Kiala's FREE gift: 3 Ways to Use the Cards to Find Calm, Confidence, & Connections