The courage to express your Life Purpose


About Luanne

Luanne Mareen is committed to empowering others to live their best lives. She helps women across the globe create their own ‘Business on Purpose’ through embodying ‘Purpose, Presence, Profit’.
After surviving two life-threatening experiences from the age of 27, Luanne decided “Life is for living”. She went from just ‘making a living’, missing important family moments and feeling like a shy, disempowered wallflower to a feminine juicy leader who inspires others. Life for Luanne these days is about living fully in the present and creating a lifestyle she loves and one where connection, community, love, balance and purpose is always in her heart. She created Goddess on Purpose to free other women from their imaginary shackles so they too can pursue their desires and dreams. She uses Scientific Hand Analysis to help others discover their life purpose. Luanne is the creator of the Goddess on Purpose Oracle and Goddess-ence essential oil range. She has also been featured in various magazines and compilation books.

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Luanne is a multi layered spiritual with two feet on the ground. She managed to balance the masculin and feminine energies in her work. We talk about the adjustments she needed to make, because of the current situation in the world. Her love for live events and how she feels about the growing on-line delivery of the work.

Points of interest in this conversation are:

  • Why she calls herself the Chief Goddess ofthe Goddess on Purpose.
  • What prompted her to persue the spiritual path.
  • How she uses Scientific Hand Analysis in her work.
  • What information we all have at our fingerprints.

Luanne's FREE gift: The Love Yourself on Purpose Challenge: 5 Days To More Self-Esteem