Self-Magic: The Art of Being the Art


About Monicka

Monicka Clio Sakki is your creative director, brand architect and play expert! (didn’t think you need one, right?)
Through her Self-Magic signature coaching program, she has helped coaches and creatives to uncover and fully express their brand. She shows you how to create scroll-stopping, brand-defining images for your website & social media (even if you hate having photos taken and without hiring a pro-photographer.)
You get to liberate your identity from old stories, titles and trends, and reflect back at the image of your future self.
The Self-Magic Experience is the only personal brand framework that combines strategy, creative direction and self-image healing.

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Monicka brings colorful energy to every place !

During our conversation she explains many aspects of her colorful work.

You will learn about things like:

– 1 What a Play Expert actually is and how free play helps on so many levels.
– 2 Who are on her “Inspired council” and what they are.
– 3 How a friend Photoshopping her picture was the start of it all.
– 4 What the 4 benefits are of the Self Magic work.
– 5 How the lockdowns are showing us that connections are so very important. And how do connections start?

Monicka's FREE gift:

Self-Magic training & coaching experience AND Color Quest Guide