The Modern Day Shaman®


About Sarah

Sarah is the Modern Day Shaman®.
She works with highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and high-flying start-ups to help them find consistent successful growth in their lives.
With 22 years of experience in the field of energy, and a lifetime of entrepreneurial highs and lows, Sarah brings a unique take on business.
She invites her clients to widen their vision, to think differently and shows them how to access their dreams in real-time.

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I am so happy to have made the connection with Sarah. She joins me from London in the UK and shares freely about her personal journey and how she ended up doing this beautiful work. We talk about many facets of Shamanic work. Some of the points you will come accross in this interview are:

  • Why she burried her spiritual energies as a child.
  • How she later realized that she needed to reconnect with this part of her.
  • What the dramatic (and physical) messages were that brought her to reconnect with her inner powers.
  • Which, very strong, spirit animal came to her during a sweat lodge session.
  • What Mini Shamanic Journeys are and where you can do them too!

Sarah's FREE gift: 7 Day Energy Re-set Meditations