Finding your Wings with Dr. Sarah Seidelmann

About Sarah

SARAH SEIDELMANN M.D. was a fourth generation physician living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle until a walrus entered her life and changed everything. She's a woman of medicine, shamanic mentor and leads transformational travel retreats around the world.

  • She's the author of:
  • The Book of Beasties: Your A-Z Guide to the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals
  • Swimming with Elephants
  • Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans
  • How Good are You Willing to Let it Get? -Daily feelgood inspiration for Creatives, Healers and Helpers.

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I am super excited to share this interview with you! Sarah shares her journey from 4th generation Physician to Shamanic Healer. And get ready, there are lots of animals joining this conversation as well! You'll hear about:

  • The animals that came to awaken Sarah's Shamanic path
  • What a taxidermied walrus got to do with it all
  • and Who is Alice?
  • Why it is important to make space for childlike wonder and excitement in your life.
  • How you can find out your own Spirit Animal and start working with it.

Sarah's FREE gift: A Guided Shamanic Meditation to help you discover your “Core Beastie”
(AKA your spirit animal)