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About Shelley

Shelley Klammer is an online therapist who supports creative women to heal “unfinished emotional business” from the past. She is also an Educator with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. Shelley supports women to authentically self-express through spontaneous art and writing practices as a way to anchor self-safety, self-confidence and self-love.

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Sometimes we make connections that immediately feel so aligned. You realize that these paths were meant to cross one day or another.
I am super excited for this connection with Shelley.
She does amazing work that has grown from her own shocking experiences. Shadows so different, yet so similar to mine and possibly to your own as well.
Shelley shares about:

  • How her work came to her.
  • What steps she took in the early beginnings.
  • Why What the dramatic (and physical) messages were that brought her to reconnect with her inner powers.
  • How small steps can create a whole new paradigm.
  • What are Spontaneous Sentences (yes! you can join in and do this with us)

Shelley's FREE gift: Dive Deep Art Journal Course