your creative expression can heal you


About Tina

Tina Klonaris-Robinson is an intuitive artist, an author, and a speaker. Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, she became a self-taught painter. She struggled to resolve her lingering grief and grow from the loss of her daughter, Meah, several years earlier. Tina paints to quiet her mind, to express feelings for which she has no words, and to connect with the Divine.
In December 2016, Tina published her Fly, My Love, Fly: Inspiration for Living Your Highest Potential, a book that features paintings and motivational messages. Her second, companion book, Inspiration: A Workbook for Living Your Highest Potential, is designed to help her readers tap into the gifts of their souls, reveal their purpose, and spark their creativity so that they may live with meaning and purpose.

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Tina joins me from tropical Nassau in the Bahamas.
We discuss creativity as pure medicine.
This is a most beautiful healing story, sit back and listen:

  • What transformation can happen from a visit to a Michael's arts+craft store.
  • The story behind her dots-filled expression and her books.
  • Why she chose to work on black canvasses.
  • How the colors and shapes just come intuitively.
  • What messages and teachings Tina draws from the experiences of life and how she brings her visions into her being with trust.

Tina's FREE gift: First 3 lessons from Tina's workbook “Inspired”