a -Manage your Mindset- exercise

Learn how you too can use the creative process to make space in your mind for personal growth.

Everybody can do this project! The instructions are easy for all to follow. Just allow yourself some quiet time to play with this.

You'll soon feel the benefit and will be able to repeat these steps whenever you feel the need to make some space and Manage your Mindset

I normally facilitate this exercise from my studio in live sessions, here I am sharing it with you, so you can make a start in your creative habits.

This is a sort-of-self-portrait exercise where you learn to release thoughts that keep you blocked and stuck.


* You are multi-passionate, creative

* You like to mix things up and have fun

* You want to see what creativity can    mean for you

* You are either a beginner at art or more experienced, this is for all levels 🙂 

* You feel brave and ready to try something new !


* You will get clarity and confidence

* You will feel the power of what creativity holds and how you can use this to manage your mindset

* You will have another, a new outlet for your emotions and to reflect

* You will start to feel the connection to your true self and your true purpose (what I like to call) YOUR TRUE FORCE!

Click the drawing for supply list+worksheet PDF download

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disclosure: This exercise can provide relief and healing aspects in many areas. Making art and creative exercises have that therapeutic capacity, which is why it is such a great daily habit to have. This should not be considered a substitute for medical or psychological evaluation or treatment, it is not art therapy. If you experience mental health challenges, please seek advice from a mental health professional in your area.