Go Gentle with these times

Yana Fay Dzedze2

About Yana

Yana is a change maker. As a multi-disciplinary artist and advanced Emotional Clearing Practitioner she weaves together worlds of creativity and transformation. Yana believes in art as a medium to come into closer communication with self, community and our wildest dreams. Born to parents who encouraged her creative expression she has always indulged in the arts as a way of life. Travel was a big part of Yana’s upbringing and her immersion into culture inspires the way she moves in the world.Now based in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband, Yana facilitates emotional clearing processes online, creates and directs various projects and holds an online sisterhood that she birthed in 2017 called Deep Inner Knowing. Yana and her husband champion a way of connecting among humans which allows for honesty and fullness in relationships.

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WEBSITE: www.arrayana.com



ana is a multi layered Artist at heart and her transformational work weaves creativity in many ways. Her life and work is full of connecting experiences.
In our conversation she talks into things like:

  • Where her free way of expression found it's roots at a young age.
  • Why she decided to teach life herself rather than take the formal education route and how this developed for her.
  • How her desire to move from behind the camera to being in front of the lens changed and challenged her in many ways.
  • Why asking questions is so important in all aspects of life.
  • What her personal pandemic experience was like and how it inspired her to bring life to life itself.

and more …..

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